ViaSell develops robots, AI and IIoT-based solutions for heavy industry. Our key fields are machinery, mining, metals, oil&gas and chemical sector.
At ViaSell, we believe that the operational challenges we face today can be addressed most efficiently through digital transformation of industry using IIoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches. By now Zyfra operates in Finland, Russia, India, France, Germany, Turkey, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Morocco etc.

Digitalisation of production

Modern production is a joint work of people and machinery. CNC machines, industrial cars, drilling rigs, rectification columns — all these complex and expensive machinery, equipment and systems have already become our indispensable helpers. The human task is to effectively manage them, and it is possible only on the base of timely and accurate data. As direct participants in production processes industrial machines can tell us more about production, fairly and objectively.

ViaSell mission is to help industrial enterprises use this information to improve production efficiency and safety for the benefit of people and environment.

Our strategy is to develop advanced digital solutions for gradual shift of industrial enterprises to production with the high level of robotics, managed on the base of objective data analysis.

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