Cutting Tools

We are committed to provide our customers with our products & services that meet the highest industry standards, the most demanding machining parameters & the customer satisfaction.

We provide leading products for turning, milling and drilling.

We have customers throughout the metalworking field including the world’s major automotive and aerospace industries, the die and mould industry and general engineering industries.

We offer various programmes to help you and us recognise what’s best in your production – and pinpoint areas that need improvements.

​​​Today, machining is more than just about turning, milling, drilling and threading.  Perfection and precision are merely a stepping stone. It’s about much more. It’s about goals that still seem unattainable – and about solutions that still seem unimaginable today, but will already become the new benchmark tomorrow.

If you’re looking for solutions to meet the challenges that lie ahead, you’ll find us. You have our very own word on it: Engineering Kompetenz.


If you’re looking for innovative solutions, you’ll find us:
All over the world.

Wherever you’re planning or implementing your next project, we’re there for you. At our headquarters in Germany and with numerous subsidiaries and sales partners in over 80 different countries.

Walter stands for solutions that mark milestones in machining, helping you reach your goals right on target more rapidly and reliably. Solutions that make your projects more efficient and effective.

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