Ceramic Tools


Greenleaf Corporation is a leading developer of cutting tool technology, specializing  in the manufacturing of high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic inserts as well as innovative tool-holding systems. Greenleaf continues to build on 70 years of Innovation, which centers on supplying customers with productive solutions to every metalcutting situation. Greenleaf Corporation is positioned to serve the evolving needs of companies in all major segments of the metalcutting industry including aerospace, gas turbine, energy,oil and gas, steel, medical, roll turning, automotive, machine tool and rail.

Greenleaf’s products are engineered to provide optimal performance against a wide range of materials under the most rigorous metalcutting conditions. In addition to specially engineered tool-holding systems and a comprehensive line of carbide inserts, Greenleaf offers high-quality ceramic and ceramic composite materials, which can be custom designed for specific machining applications. From its headquarters in Saegertown, Pennsylvania, a facility in North Carolina, and sales offices in Europe and China, Greenleaf maintains its commitment to pioneering breakthroughs in cutting tool technology and delivering productivity solutions to customers around the world.



W E L C O M E T O G R E E N L E A F Greenleaf James M. Greenleaf
 President, Greenleaf Corporation jgreenleaf@greenleafcorporation.com  At Greenleaf, we use our expertise in advanced materials technology to develop products of superior quality and performance, and we work with our customers to help them use those products in the most efficient manner. It’s our technology and our willingness to work closely with our customers that make us a world leader in cutting tools. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we give them our personal attention. If you have the opportunity to visit us, we’ll be glad to show you through our facilities. We’re here to serve you, and we never lose sight of that fact. Our goal is to help our customers become more successful by solving their productivity problems. We do this in several ways – by developing a better tool design, by producing superior tool materials, or just by offering some good shop-floor advice. Whatever it takes, we’ll solve your toughest application problems. While other companies are selling commodities, we’re offering technical ability, service, and excellent products