Alzmetall is a company with an international reputation and global activities. For more than six decades we have been the leader in technology for drilling, milling and casting. ALZMETALL products have proven themselves in general machining applications, in the automotive industry, in mould and die business, at the aircraft industry, as well as in many mid-size mechanical engineering enterprises.

Our experience is based on over 200.000 machines supplied. We focus on precision, performance and Quality for all our products. With our own foundry we do not only produce gray cast iron and spheroidal grey cast iron for our own machines, but also are supplier to the machine tool manufacturers and customers worldwide.

 Our open company culture encourages innovation and performance by a continuous innovation towards High Tech and customer benefit for added value. Developing the GS-series, we offer highly dynamic and extremely rigid machining centers according to our pretensions: „we drive productivity“.


For six decades, we have been the leader in the technology for drilling, milling and casting.

  • Machining Centers
  • ALZMETALL develops and manufactures CNC machining centers for 3-and 5-axis applications with torque-drive technology enabling 5-axis simultaneous machining.
  • Drilling Machines
  • Leading in Column, Table, Bench and Box Column drilling machines with over 180.000 machines sold worldwide.
  •  Special Machines
  • For vertical and horizontal machining, rotary or linear transfer lines with multi-spindle drilling and milling features, up to 12 stations, for shortest cycle times in larges series production.
  • Foundry and Contracting
  • Alzmetall is a service-oriented system supplier; starting with Grey-Cast Iron and Spheroidal castings, over to large parts machining services and final lacquerings, and ending with a strong Just-In-Time logistics performance.

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